Tuesday, 7 December 2021

not just food

When most people hear the word prepping, the thing that seems to spring to mind immediately is food; understandably so, it's a cornerstone of prepping along with water and shelter.

Prepping covers many other aspects of life, though, which will enable you to hopefully thrive, rather than merely survive.  Having a good range of skills and a willingness to learn new ones is important.

Here's a few non-food preps that can be done:

cleaning stuff

health and hygiene

seeds and gardening equipment

preserving equipment

non-electric appliances



cooking facilities


reading and research

bug out bag

important documents sorted, filed, to hand


wind-up/solar chargers

finding like-minded communities/individuals you can trust

self defence

home security

household textiles

learning new skills

knowing how to use what you have before it's needed


There are no doubt more, but it's a reasonable list to start off with, or to use as a reminder.  I'll do a post on the skills I consider to be useful for preppers.

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