Thursday, 25 November 2021

wheat and bread prices

 - going up due to global increases, wheat prices hit a nine year high.

Warning issued to shoppers buying bread from major UK supermarkets (

So how to prep for this?  Obvious first thought is to buy in flour.  White flour keeps well for about six months or so in my experience, remember to rotate stocks.  Don't buy in more than you can sensibly use; share large amounts with friends and family. Wholemeal flour does not keep well due to the oils in the wheatgerm, which can cause rancidity. Buy in bread mixes, keep rotated as they already contain yeast, which can become inactive over time. Buy yeast; I buy dried yeast, both in sachets and tins (useful for small storage afterwards).  Fresh yeast can be frozen, but you're stuffed if the power goes. Similarly, I've read that you can freeze flour, fine until the power goes; I've not tried this myself.

Investigate alternative flours - rye, spelt etc

Learn how to make starters and use wild yeasts.

Learn to make breads which don't need yeast - soda bread, tortillas, flatbreads. Get skilled in the different cooking methods.

Invest in good quality loaf tins, they will get a lot of use; a round cake tin makes a nice loaf too.

Long-term, the best investment is whole wheat ( aka wheat berries) which, if stored correctly will keep for years, and a grain mill. Again, there could be power problems, so choose a hand mill.  This is my one, cost a more than reasonable £18.  Buy it NOW though - the prices will rocket with the news, and they may become hard to find.  Easy and efficient to use, clean and maintain.

Find ways to use up every scrap of bread - breadcrumbs, melba toast, croutons, sweet and savoury bread puddings, filler for eg meatloaf and stuffings.

Do these things now; all the knowledge and experience will stay with you - the prepper's peace of mind. 

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  1. I have bought several packets of Matzo crackers, they last for ages. better than nothing.


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