Sunday, 16 January 2022

one year in hell

 Selco Bevogic's truly grim experiences during the Bosnian war; first hand experience of a real SHTF event rather than pure conjecture from a bloke with fifty  Mylar bags of rice and a misguided "I'll be fine because I'm a prepper" mindset.

Worth a listen - thought provoking useful information from someone on the ground and going through it.

Link to Alaska Prepper's Youtube channel:


Saturday, 15 January 2022

Saturday, 8 January 2022

knitting for preppers

Following on from the stocking up on sewing supplies post, I thought I'd share my thoughts on knitting. Don't dismiss knitting, it's a skill that's kept humans warm and protected for hundreds of years, and I've found it to be a very useful bartering skill over the years.

I see this as a very useful skill to acquire - even with the most basic knowledge and supplies you can make something useful. One of the most valuable prepping skills to have is to be able to clothe yourself and your family.

- if you're a beginner, buy a basic how to knit book; a lot of knitting magazines have decent illustrated "how to" sections at the back; watch Youtubes; ask someone to teach you now

- haunt charity shops and boot sales, free lists, Facebook pages etc for supplies and stock up - they don't take up a lot of room

- basics to get you started are a selection of knitting needles and some wool/yarn, a sewing up needle, tape measure, scissors, pattern if required, wool/yarn of choice/as available

- there are only two stitches to learn - plain and purl

- start with a basic pattern, master that and go from there

- there are lots of things that can be made with knitted squares/rectangles; two squares sewn on three sides make a hat, four rectangles make a basic jumper; squares can be sewn together in strips for blankets, lengths of knitting make scarves; a rectangle sewn into a tube and closed at one end will serve as a sock. SHTF won't be a fashion parade.

- progress to learning shaping with increases and decreases for more fitted garments

- collect up patterns, magazines, books

- learn to mend knitted items by darning etc

- knitted items can be unravelled and made into other things, or the wool stored away until needed

- stock up now, things could well be in short supply soon - shortages of raw materials, supply chain issues, cost of new fibres

- other useful things to make - gloves, dish and floorcloths, hotwater bottle covers, tea cosies, hats, pet blankets, headbands

- watch out for moths if you're storing wool

- you may want to take it further with spinning, weaving, dyeing, so keep an eye out for equipment and supplies for those too

It's not a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic life skill, so knit fast, die warm.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Friday, 31 December 2021

stocking up the sewing preps

 Not often given more than a passing mention, it's vital to stock up on sewing and mending preps.

Build a sewing kit - even the most basic will be useful even if you're not a sewer - clothes and other items will need mended, altered etc; selection of sewing needles, reels of decent thread, small sharp scissors, needle threader, pins, thimble.

If you want to add more - dressmaking shears, wider range of threads, tape measure.

Button thread is stronger than ordinary sewing thread, very useful.

Keep it all together in a basket or box and replenish as necessary

Buy/obtain a book on basic sewing/mending

Learn to darn

Keep a button box - save from old clothes, buy from charity shops etc

Collect replacement fastenings - buckles, press studs, zips, hooks and eyes

Collect up basic sewing patterns - charity shops are useful for this

Iron-on hemming (Wonderweb)

Unpick jeans for patching, save zips

Collect any usable fabric from old clothes and bedding, launder and styore so they're ready when you need them

Sheets and pillowcases can be used as bandages, slings

Get a sewing machine - a basic electric one; hand or treadle for grid down.  Keep it cleaned and oiled, learn to service it yourself

If you want to make clothes, stock up on fabrics when you can - the price of cotton has rocketed, and I read that China is hoarding cotton, supply may become limited or unavailable altogether

Learn to alter and adapt clothes

Collect leather scraps

Anything too worn for wearing can be used for rags, or on to the compost heap if suitable; keep a rag bag

If you have textile hobbies, stock up on supplies now - shortages, supply chain disruption, soaring prices will all affect availability

Sunday, 26 December 2021

on my radar...........

 Things I'm currently keeping an eye on:

- Russia/Ukraine

- China/Taiwan

- Lebanon

- China in general

- severe crackdowns/hyperinflation in Turkey

- food prices/shortages/supply chains

- hemorrhagic virus in China; authorities say it's affecting rural areas, but stringent lockdowns in three major cities; international flights cancelled; upcoming Olympic games.  Could be  a whole new shitstorm in the offing

- Sweden has invented an under the skin chip that can be read as a Covid health passport

- China has created an A,I, prosecutor to determine peoples' fate

Just  sharing what I'm aware of in the news - do your research, people, make your own minds up.

one year in hell

 Selco Bevogic's truly grim experiences during the Bosnian war; first hand experience of a real SHTF event rather than pure conjecture f...